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Which material is best for women's panties?
Jan 16 , 2021

Panties is a necessities of life for every woman. It also directly touches our reproductive parts. If you don’t pay attention to the choice of underpants material, it may cause gynecological diseases. Nowadays, there are more and more styles of panties. Which panties material is the best? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the following five kinds of panties!

1. Pure cotton panties
Advantages: comfortable and breathable
Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink
Cotton panties is soft and skin-friendly, non-irritating to the skin, moisture-absorbing and breathable. However, cotton panties has a disadvantage. Although it absorbs sweat, it is not easy to dry. For people who are prone to sweating, long-term contact with wet clothes may cause redness, swelling, itching and other symptoms. Cotton panties will become very hard after washing, and it will become soft after rubbing with your hands. It is recommended to use a pair of cotton panties not more than 25 times.

2. Lace panties
Advantages: thin and sexy
Disadvantages: poor air permeability, not soft
Lace panties is between transparent and impermeable. It looks sexy and attractive to men. However, lace is a chemical fiber fabric. Wearing it close to the body for a long time will irritate the skin. Lace has poor air permeability and is not soft. If a woman’s vagina is kept in a humid state for a long time, it is conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria and is likely to induce a variety of gynecological diseases. Therefore, from the perspective of hygiene, safety and comfort, it is recommended to wear panties with lace on cotton panties to keep it comfortable At the same time cute and sexy.

3.Modal panties
Advantages: soft, anti-wrinkle
Disadvantages: use with caution for beech allergy
Modal fabric is extracted from beech wood, which is also a kind of natural fiber. Modal panties has a good hand feel, fluffy and soft, and it remains soft even after washing many times, and the modal panties will wrinkle when it is placed in disorder. It can be recovered after being hung on the body or flat, prolonging the life of the panties. Modal panties has a disadvantage, it is not suitable for people who are allergic to beech. It is worth noting that many panties on the market are not real modal fabrics, but use viscose fiber (also known as rayon) which is much worse than modal. The texture is very similar to that of modal, which is generally difficult for ordinary people to distinguish.

4. Bamboo fiber panties
Advantages: antibacterial, sweat absorption
Disadvantages: easy to break
Bamboo fiber is a fiber extracted from bamboo. It is a natural fiber like pure cotton. It has anti-bacterial and anti-odor effects, and has good air permeability. It can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water. It can effectively absorb moisture and wick away perspiration. Female friends who love to sweat ensure dryness and sterility and prevent gynecological diseases caused by the growth of various bacteria. But bamboo fiber panties is relatively fragile. Please do not soak it in water for a long time when washing, and do not twist it with force, otherwise it will be easily damaged.

5. Silk panties
Advantages: soft, anti-wrinkle
Disadvantages: troublesome cleaning
Silk generally refers to silk, which is a relatively expensive fabric and has a good health care effect on the human body. Now more and more consumers who are pursuing quality choose silk materials. The silk fabric feels soft and smooth, has good moisture absorption and breathability, and has the effect of moisturizing and protecting the skin. Because it is made of real silk, it is troublesome to clean and maintain. It needs to be washed gently with silk detergent.

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