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What kind of underwear should women wear during menstruation
Jan 21 , 2022

Foreign medical research shows that a large part of gynecological diseases are caused by wearing tight underwear. Endometriosis is a disease with a high incidence rate. One of the causes of the disease is the reverse flow of menstrual blood into the abdominal cavity to cause endometriosis. The most common problems of patients are dysmenorrhea and infertility.

If women often wear tight underwear, especially during the menstrual period, it is easy to cause the flow of menstrual blood is not smooth, and the pressure in the pelvic and abdominal cavity will suddenly change when they are taken off, which will easily cause the backflow of menstrual blood, and eventually cause menstrual back pain, abdominal pain symptoms, and even lead to infertility disease.

During the menstrual period, women will have a large amount of menstrual flow. If the ventilation of the perineum is not good at this time, the humid environment may cause the growth of some microorganisms. This is how some fungal vaginitis occurs. If the treatment is not timely, it may be Ascending infection into the pelvis. Moreover, there are a large number of hair follicle glands distributed in the perineum of women, and tight underwear is easy to block the secretion of sweat glands, which is especially obvious during the menstrual period.

If the cleaning is not enough, the bacteria multiply, and the inflammation of the hair follicle glands will occur, and a few may also lead to diseases such as loose connective tissue inflammation of the genitals and Bartholin's abscess. Special reminder: Long-term tight waistbands will squeeze the waist fat, making the waist gourd-shaped, hindering the blood circulation of the waist, easily leading to chronic lumbar muscle strain, and also putting pressure on the stomach and intestines, affecting the blood oxygen supply and normal peristalsis, resulting in Loss of appetite, indigestion. So don't compromise your health for slimness.

During the menstrual period, women will sweat a lot in the waist and abdomen, and they are also prone to bacterial infection. Therefore, it is best to choose Cotton Fabric Period Panties with good breathability, and it should be changed and washed every day.

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