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Period Panties
Why do you have to wear menstrual underwear during your periods
Jan 26 , 2022
The average woman's menstrual cycle is between 12 and 51 years old, which means that she will have menstruation for more than 2,300 days in her life. I believe that many female friends have questions and are very concerned about the question of "What underwear should I wear during women's physiological (menstrual) period?"

Women's physiological (menstrual) period is a relatively special period, which requires us to take more careful care. A good set of washable period absorbent panties is a must-have item, which is more helpful to the body.

What kind of underwear should you wear during your period? Why do you have to wear "period panties" during menstruation?""Isn't it enough to wear normal pants? Why do you have to spend money to buy some kind of Period panties?"

Most people think that during the menstrual period, the private parts are only in contact with the menstrual towel and have nothing to do with the underwear. After the menstrual period is over, the Absorbent Menstrual Period Proof Panties can also be worn at ordinary times. Not so!

Most of the back adhesive strips of sanitary napkins are industrial adhesives. When the menstrual napkin is torn off repeatedly, there will be a layer of viscose left on the inside of the underwear. After a long time, the pathogens are more easily absorbed on the underwear. Only by cleaning and sun exposure cannot be removed.

Once menstrual leakage occurs, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria!

Compared with ordinary underwear, Period panties have great advantages in breathability, anti-side leakage, comfort and easy cleaning.

Menstrual underwear is designed for menstruating women. The elastic band extends from the crotch of the underwear to the back waist to reduce the sliding of the sanitary napkin. The special design also allows the sanitary napkin to maintain an optimal fit.

Therefore, it is best to separate menstrual underwear from those you usually wear, because the glue on the back of the sanitary napkin is basically unclean, and if you wear it on a daily basis, it will easily cause bacterial infection.
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