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Can you swim during menstruation?
Jan 24 , 2022

Since last year's London Olympics Fu Yuanhui talked generously about menstruation in a post-match interview, everyone knows that you can swim during your menstrual period.

In fact, for healthy women, they can not only swim during menstruation, but also dance, run, wash their hair and take a bath.

Can you swim with a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups are one of our recommendations for leak-proof protection while swimming. Because they create a seal inside the vagina, they control your flow completely (when worn correctly) and are undetectable from the outside - meaning there's no risk of the cord sticking out of the bikini.

Can you swim with a tampon?

Tampons are the most suitable menstrual products for swimming. First, there is no need to worry about side leakage. Second, the tampon has no traces built in. You can swim with confidence when you put the cotton thread in a bikini, and you don’t have to worry about being seen by others. , and there is no need to be shy. On top of that, using a tampon while swimming is a perfect stopper from bleeding menstrual blood, as well as preventing pool water from entering the vagina. If you go swimming on a heavy day, remember to change the tampon in time.

Remember not to swim with sanitary napkins and pads, because sanitary napkins and pads will absorb water, and the aunt's towel in the swimming trunks will become very obvious after absorbing water.

Can you swim in your period underwear?

Although menstrual underwear has leak-proof fabric, it does not protect you from menstrual leaks while swimming, nor is it suitable for wearing in water. Just like the pads, because menstrual underwear is worn on the outside of the body, it absorbs water when swimming, causing some seriously messy spills! It's best to keep your period underwear for land-based adventures only.

Therefore, you can swim during menstruation, but also according to your physical condition. Because the body's resistance is still particularly poor during this period, it is particularly easy to catch a cold or cause other problems.

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