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How to choose and clean women's underwear
May 21 , 2021

The right way for women to buy underwear
It is basically the same as the principle of choosing men's underwear. The difference is the following principles.

1. Can't choose too tight underwear

Wearing underwear too tightly can easily cause frequent friction with the vulva, anus, and urethra, causing bacteria in the anus or vaginal secretions to enter the vagina or urethra, causing infections in the urinary system or reproductive system. Especially during menstruation.

2. Try to choose seamless underwear

Women's clothing will be lighter and lighter, and you won't see the so-called panty traces from the outside if you wear Comfortable Seamless Stretch panties. You can choose the Absorbent Menstrual Period Proof Panties during menstruation.

3. When choosing underwear, you must have an accurate understanding of your buttocks.

Because the curvature of the hips of men and women is different. Women pay more attention to the upturned buttocks. When purchasing, use your hands to open the back piece to see if the back curve is sufficient. The fabric is preferably cotton, preferably with elasticity.

How to clean women's underwear
1. Underwear should be changed every day, washed every day, and washed in time.

Don't let the underwear overnight, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and increase the difficulty of cleaning.

2. Underwear must be hand-washed.

Underpants are generally relatively small. In order to increase the friction density, it is recommended to pinch tightly with your thumb and index finger and rub them closely so that they can be washed clean and thoroughly.

3. The utensils are best dedicated, and the water is preferably cold water.

4. Avoid direct exposure to the cleaned underwear.

It should be dried in a cool place, and then placed in the sun for disinfection. Otherwise, the fiber structure of the underwear will be destroyed, and the underwear will become hard and deformed.

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