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What kind of underwear should I choose for sagging breasts?
Jan 15 , 2021

Most female friends attach great importance to their figure, but with age and the effect of gravity, the breasts will gradually begin to sag, so what kind of underwear should I choose for breasts?

Let me start with, what is the situation of sagging breasts?

Breast sagging means that when a woman is standing, her breasts sag down like a bag. When she lies on her back, her breasts will sag to the outside and become loose. This kind of situation is a kind of sagging breasts. In order to make your breast shape look better, you will have to worry about choosing underwear at this time. So what kind of underwear should you wear for sagging breasts?

First, choose underwear with front buckles, but also underwear that is one size larger than usual. This kind of underwear also needs a reinforced version of the underwire, as much as possible to make the breasts stand up, but also to fill your breasts into the bra.

The second is to choose underwear with wide shoulder straps. Because the drooping force of the breasts is relatively large, at this time, the strong force of the wide shoulder straps is needed to pull the breasts up. But this kind of underwear also has a function to fix the breasts, so that the breasts are not pulled too high by the shoulder straps.

The last step is to find opportunities to adjust underwear at any time. Because your underwear is one size larger than usual, it will definitely be misaligned after wearing it. Then you should use the time to go to the bathroom to quickly adjust the position of the underwear.

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