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What is the difference between bra soft steel ring and hard steel ring
Jan 15 , 2021

The main difference between the soft steel ring and the hard steel ring of the bra is: different comfort, different supporting effect, different material, and different wearing experience. Soft steel rims are more comfortable and lighter and more breathable than hard steel rims, but its supporting force is weaker. In terms of material, soft steel rims are generally very thin and hard steel rims are mostly sponges. From a healthy point of view Said that hard steel ring is not suitable for wearing for too long.

The difference between soft steel ring and hard steel ring
1. Different comfort
The comfort of soft steel ring is higher than that of hard steel ring, it can release more pressure.

2. Different support effects
Because the hard steel ring is not easy to deform, its supporting force is stronger. If the chest is easier to deform, the hard steel ring can make the breast shape more plump, while the supporting force of the soft steel ring is weaker.

3. Different materials
Usually the bra made of hard steel ring is made of sponge, which will look more beautiful. The soft steel ring material will be more breathable and lighter.

4. Different wearing experience
Soft steel ring generally does not leave marks. It is a combination of plate type and invisible and non-marking, while hard steel ring is easy to leave marks on the chest. It is not suitable for long-term wear and generally cannot be worn for more than 10 hours.

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