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What is period underwear and how does it work
Apr 20 , 2021

What exactly is period underwear?

Period underwear are undergarments intended for you to wear during your period to take the place of disposable protection products like tampons or pads — although some women prefer to rely on period underwear only during lighter flow days, using them as backup during heavier flow days. Constructed to look and feel like regular underwear (i.e. not bulky), period underwear are made with extra layers and special fabrics in the crotch area to absorb menstrual blood. Wash them, re-wear them, and wash them again — these are a reusable option all cycle long.


How period panties work

Period underwear consist of an absorbent material that holds one to two tampons’ worth of flow, a moisture barrier to keep you comfortable, and a layer designed to prevent any leaks or staining. Still hesitant to make the switch and entrust your flow completely to underwear? Many users first start with lighter flow days or using their period underwear as backup protection before graduating to full-time use.

Designed and suitable for different volume of liquid absorption, these Period Proof Panties come with a flexible elastic trim, sealed seams, and padded gusset which extends past your standard pad. The gusset is designed with a soft lining, an anti-bacterial and anti-odour layer which lasts for 50+ washes, and a waterproof layer to minimize leaks. These can be worn on their own or as a backup.


Why make the switch to period underwear?

Beyond the comfort factor and leak-proofing, period panties are also gaining popularity as both an ecologically sustainable and economically smart choice. Try them if you’re looking for a solution less irritating than tampons, more comfortable than sanitary pads, and less messy than using a menstrual cup. And with period panties, you’re always ready: No more frantic late-night tampon runs to the corner store.


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