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What are the material fabrics of bras?
Jan 16 , 2021

The material of the bras determines the touch of the whole bras. Different fabrics can be reflected in the wearing feeling. Because the bras fits the skin, the girl can choose the material of the bras according to her breast shape and wearing feeling. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

1. Silk fabric
Advantages: Silk quality refers to natural silk, and the touch and quality are both at the lady level. The structure is similar to that of human skin, light and soft, with low friction coefficient and good skin-friendly feeling. At the same time, the function of sweat absorption and ventilation is very good, suitable for physique prone to sweating.

Disadvantages: Silk is the "queen" in textiles, so the price will be slightly more expensive. And you need to be careful when washing, only gently hand wash, otherwise the fabric is easy to wrinkle, deform or brush.

2. Cotton fabric
Advantages: Cotton fabric has strong sweat absorption and breathability, and at the same time it has good moisture absorption, and it is comfortable to wear and suitable for personal wearing. Cotton bras is more three-dimensional than silk bras, and cotton material is easy to be dyed, so the color is also very rich.

Disadvantages: The comfort of cotton bras is slightly worse than that of silk bras, and it is easy to shrink and deform after washing. However, it should be noted that cotton has good water absorption. If it is dried or placed improperly, it is easy to get damp and bacteria will be produced.

3. Lace fabric
Advantages: Lace fabrics are divided into elastic lace and non-elastic lace. The texture of lace fabric is thin and transparent, so it has good air permeability. At the same time, lace fabric is very feminine, and fashionistas will also choose the way of wearing lace bras.

Disadvantages: Because the lace fabric is light and transparent, it is easy to be scratched, so pay attention to it when washing. Moreover, the bearing capacity and supporting force of lace are relatively poor, so it is not suitable for girls with full breasts.

4. Modal fabric
Advantages: Modal fabric has good air permeability and moisture absorption, soft and delicate hand feeling, and comfortable upper body touch. Rich in color, it will not fade easily even after repeated washing.

Disadvantages: Modal fabric is light and thin, so it is easy to deform if it is cleaned too much, and it will cause pilling after wearing it for a long time. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to a few girls with allergies.

Pick suggestions
If you have a physique with skin allergies, silk bras and cotton bras are preferred. But if you have a normal skin type, you can choose according to your own needs.

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