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6 women panties styles
Jan 19 , 2021

It is no exaggeration to say that panties is one of the most important items in our closet, especially for women, who pay much attention to panties. The right combination can enhance your confidence and comfort.

One style is not always suitable for every situation. Here have listed the 6 different women's panties styles you need most and their most suitable wear

* Thongs, suitable for wearing tight dresses
The buttocks coverage rate of thongs is zero, and the hip coverage rate is the smallest, providing a seamless VPL-free appearance.

* Bikini, more suitable for jeans, skirts and dresses, etc.
Bikini-cut panties usually has higher legs and lower hem on the hips, which provides sufficient coverage for the hips. It is one of the most popular panties styles because it can match all clothing.

* For hipsters, suitable for low-end bottoms.
This type of panties is in the middle position between the boxer briefs and the bikini, and the coverage of the hips is larger than that of the bikini cut, and a few inches lower than the natural waist. It is more suitable for wearing low-rise pants and jeans, it will be perfect, can minimize the risk of accidental exposure of panties.

* High waist panties, more suitable for high waist panties.
High panties are designed to completely cover the thin lines. High panties are very suitable when you need additional support or an extra comfortable barrier between you and the high waist pants.

* Mid-high panties is most suitable for mid-waist pants and skirts.

* Boxer shorts are most suitable for casual wear and flashy clothing.
Boxer briefs are a multi-purpose single product that can function independently under clothing.


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