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4 big misunderstandings of wireless bras
Jan 19 , 2021

For women's bras, the choice of wearing a bra with cord or without wireless is entirely up to you.
Although wireless bras and underwire bras have their own advantages, one style is not necessarily better than the other. It all depends on personal preference.

We mainly talk about Wireless bras, four big misunderstandings about Wireless bras.

1. Wireless bras are only suitable for smaller sizes.
To be honest, I used to think that Wireless bras are not suitable for people of my size. We often associate Wireless bras with minors or athletes. However, the rimless bras we sell can adapt to sizes from A to G, making the bra wear more flat. Our seamless bras include molded cups or seamless cups.

2. Wireless bras are not supported.
In fact, many people don't know that it is not the cup, underwire or belt that supports the breast, but the bra strap. As long as the wrist strap fits tightly to the body and stays in place when moving, the Wireless bra can provide the support you need.

3. Wireless bras are not beautiful.
If your awareness of Wireless bras still remains unsightly, please visit our bra page, you will definitely find your favorite Wireless underwear, you can customize the look you like. Of course we will give you professional advice. We never have to sacrifice beauty for comfort. **Bra makes it easy for style and comfort to coexist.

4. Wireless bras are only suitable for casual people.

In addition, we may have some other questions and misunderstandings about wearing Wireless bras. Welcome to consult and understand.

Article from Bras & Tops Supplier, Hongyuan

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