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Period Panties
The difference between period panties and ordinary panties
Sep 02 , 2021

From the appearance point of view, menstrual period panties are no different from ordinary panties, they are all triangle underwear. Ordinary panties are usually worn more, but when worn during menstruation, side leakage will easily occur. Menstrual blood easily stains the panties, which is embarrassing and difficult to clean. At this time, we need our menstrual panties.

Period panties is designed for women's special physiological period, that is, women's menstrual period special underwear. Period panties is specially processed and has a unique absorbent cloth inside to prevent side leakage. Even if it is contaminated by the menstrual blood, it will not be printed on the clothes. It is a good menstrual helper. Hongyuan's period panties are made of organic cotton, cotton, nylon or spandex fabrics, and are equipped with flexible elastic trims, sealed seams and padded gussets that can extend beyond standard padding. The gusset is designed with a soft lining, the antibacterial and deodorant layer can withstand more than 50 washings, and the waterproof layer can minimize leakage.

Whether it is ordinary panties or period panties, it must be hand-washed. It cannot be washed with other clothes in the washing machine. It is easy to breed bacteria and affect your health.

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