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How To Wash Your Lace Bra
Jan 12 , 2021

I believe that many female comrades will ask "How often should I wash my bra?" "Do they need to wash the bra like everyday clothes?" Whenever I answer this, I will receive a shocked response.


If you want to maximize the performance of your bra and maximize its service life, you need to wash the bra after wearing it once or at most twice. If you need to wear a bra twice before washing, it is best to leave a day's time between the two wears. Because the elastic band needs time to recover and return to the neutral position.


Why would you give such advice? Wearing a bra directly on the body will definitely collect body oil and skin cells. Elasticity is a key component of bra straps and shoulder straps, and they react badly to these two substances. When these materials become elastic, their ability to stretch and shrink decreases. Appropriate washing is required to remove these substances so that the elastic band can resume its job of keeping the bra close to the body.


This leads to a follow-up question: "How to wash a bra?"

To clean the bra, separate it by color and soak it for 20 to 30 minutes to allow soap and water to cleanse it. Then, rinse the soap in the bra with warm water. To gently extract excess water from the bra without squeezing it, place the bra in a towel, and then gently press the towel down.


Finally, you can lay the bra flat on a towel to dry. This will result in no damage to the underwear and the tightness of the underwear will be well maintained. My suggestion on the frequency of washing underwear is to clean it weekly and let them soak in my super long and luxurious weekend shower.

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