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How to maintain a strapless bra
Apr 16 , 2021

We are now officially entering the summer, and our wardrobe must be filled with all kinds of light-colored shirts and off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. At this time, the role of a seamless strapless bra is very suitable for wearing summer clothes, so that no annoying bra straps will damage the clothes.


A suitable strapless bra is a must-have for every lady's bra collection. However, one of the biggest problems facing certain women is how to prevent them from slipping and falling during the entire day. No one wants to hook a bra every moment, but if there is no strap to help keep the bra, some women will find this to be a common problem. Therefore, on the issue of how to maintain a strapless bra, we provide you with some convenient tips for you to try:


Go down a band size
When it comes to buying a strapless bra, opt for a fit band size smaller than your usual bra size. While your cup size should stay the same, in order to compensate for the lack of straps that usually hold your bra up and in place, the band of your bra needs to be tighter than usual to act as a support under your bust.


Choose the right band width for your bust size
The width of your bra’s brand can also play a large part. If you’re smaller busted, you may be able to opt for a bra with a regular band width. However, larger busted ladies may need to opt for a thicker band with more hook-and-eye clasps than usual in order to give your bust the support it needs.


I hope that we can not only bring you a suitable women strapless bra, but also give you more advice on the way to wear it.

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