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Activewear clothing is Booming today
Jan 19 , 2021

During the epidemic, many countries and regions, especially the United States, for example, New Yorkers are about to work remotely for three months. It feels like going to a banquet, a concert or a restaurant, there is still some time before us. Now we need to spend more time relaxing and exercising to strengthen our physical fitness. Many of us will take this opportunity to exercise. Maybe it is outdoor yoga or indoor yoga exercise, or outdoor personal cycling. Of course, we will also consider buying some fitness clothes, yoga clothes, etc.

Sportswear and casual wear are the only types of clothing. It is understandable that the demand for this area has increased in the early days of COVID-19. We exercise at home and pay more attention to comfort than ever before.

We are very happy to find a way to reduce stress and maintain health, however, when we stopped to consider the ingredients of most sportswear, it did not seem so attractive. Most leggings and sports bras on the market are made of pure polyester fiber, and for polyester fiber, it is plastic. It is derived from petroleum (ie petroleum) and is usually treated with chemical dyes. The meaning is huge-air pollution, water pollution, not to mention that oil is an energy-intensive, non-renewable resource. To make matters worse, we began to see gym clothes as a fast fashion: we often buy gym clothes and don't store them for long periods of time.

In fact, we now pay more attention to the quality of life, quality of life, especially the higher requirements for the clothes we wear. In addition to choosing clothes styles, such as sportswear set, we also pay more attention to their materials.

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