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How does the underwear market win the future?
Jan 16 , 2021

Women's underwear economy, with the improvement of women's economic capacity and the strengthening of health awareness, since 2013, the underwear market has exceeded 100 billion yuan, and it is expanding year by year at the speed of update and iteration. But, did you know? Chinese women spent only US$20.2 per capita in underwear last year! It is about 1/4 of some developed countries in Europe and America. And from a brand perspective, imported brands account for about 60% of the market, and Chinese domestic brands account for about 40% of the market.

1. Current status of underwear market:
The Curiosity Research Institute has investigated that there are still four major pain points in the purchase of Bra in the current market: expensive, inappropriate, uncomfortable, and size deviation. From the perspective of ergonomic measurement, even the simplified chest measurement More than 20 parameters are required. Such as: bust, bust width, upper bust, lower bust, bust width, upper cup length, lower teat cup length, breast inner surface arc length, breast outer surface arc length and so on. In addition, with the change of age, women's body and chest shape will change accordingly. ThirdLove in the United States has done a survey and found that the size of American women's bras will change about 6 times in a lifetime. Therefore, the complexity of the chest, as well as the continuously changing body shape, will affect the comfort of underwear.

2. Underwear market trend: quality is king
While facing the pain points of women's underwear, due to the differences in the size system of various brands, consumers will have a higher repurchase rate after finding suitable products. Women's underwear is the single product with the highest concentration in all categories of women's clothing. Therefore, in an era when quality is king, customer loyalty to products has reached a new height.

3. Brand economy integration
Customers' loyalty to the brand, starting from efficiency and convenience, is easy to derive other series of products of this brand, such as underwear, underwear, aromatherapy and other one-stop purchases. , Multi-product linkage, series sales, mutual diversion, and integration of brand economy are more conducive to the realization of wealth among agents!

4. Product technological innovation
The underwear industry has unlimited potential and there are many underwear brands. In such a big environment, how can you stand out and be unique? For the rise of Xiaomi and others in science and technology, it has been explained all the time: the development of unique new benchmark products will be the "ace" for the underwear brand to consolidate the city!

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