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Baby cotton bra leads the development trend of underwear
Jan 15 , 2021

Bras are a necessity for women. Generally speaking, girls who enter puberty begin to wear underwear, so the age group of female bras is very large. At present, my country's underwear industry is developing rapidly, competition in the underwear market is becoming increasingly fierce, and consumer demand is also changing. According to the "Underwear Industry Trends Research" released by CBNData at the beginning of 2019, the market size of rimless bras has shown continuous growth for three consecutive years. It can be seen that with the development of society and the advancement of ideas, bras that are too restrained and pursue gathering are gradually falling out of favor, and soft bras such as baby cotton bras are becoming the first choice for women to buy.

Compared with other bras, the biggest feature of baby cotton bras is softness, which fits with modern women's increasingly comfortable and natural consumption concept. From the perspective of product production, if you want to achieve the perfect combination of underwear beauty and health, the best way is to incorporate the ultimate fabric into the underwear design and production to maximize the comfort and functionality of the bra. Therefore, many brands in the market began to improve the natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and other natural fibers to produce underwear. This kind of underwear is becoming more and more popular among female consumers. It can be said that the explosion of baby cotton bras is the catch This demand of market consumers.

Unlike ordinary bras on the market, baby cotton bras are also quite different in terms of production concepts. At present, most of the product production concepts of most brands in the market are mostly based on the way of gathering and squeezing the breasts in the middle through the gradient of sponge, trying to better show the female breast shape. This is where the red bean home baby cotton bra differs from the ordinary bra in the market in the production concept and product advantages.

With the increase in women’s health awareness, women who love fitness have increased substantially in recent years. Market experts believe that in the future, sports leisure and comfortable underwear will become mainstream products in the market. From an innovative point of view, the baby cotton bra not only makes the figure more stylish, but also more comfortable and relaxed, which provides a new idea for the innovative design of the market bra. The homogeneity of products in the current underwear market is more serious. For market brands, the concept of product production should also be changed to focus on users and build products through in-depth insights into market consumer needs. Only in this way can female users’ awareness of brand underwear be improved. Degree and customer loyalty.

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