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How Wireless Bras Lead the Home Leisure Trend
Jul 23 , 2020

Posted by Lingerie Journal Staff on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

“Women are focusing on wellness and self-care in all parts of their lives, including the way we think about the bras we wear.” – Dora Lau, Dora L. International.


The market for wire-free bras is expanding at an impressive pace, as women are working from home and are instinctively drawn items that bring comfort. There’s even a new category that has been born called “Home Leisure” which speaks to our desire for comfort in all areas of our lives, including what we wear.

Wire-free bras are enjoying growth in the “Home Leisure” trend. Lyst, a unique source of global fashion search engine, has reported global searches for lingerie are up by 15 percent. At the end of March intimate apparel retailer Figleaves reported sales of non-wired bras and bralettes are up 40 percent for the week compared to the same week the year before.

Technology has put the pressure on underwire bras, as innovation has helped women of all sizes find wire-free styles that are comfortable, offer support, and are pretty. Companies like Dora L. International have been a major behind-the-scenes resource, helping brands create wireless bras that offer the same great support, comfort, and shaping features as underwire bras.

Why Wireless Bras Lead the Home Leisure Trend

Industry expert, President and Founder of DLI, Dora Lau, explains, “Each morning as we decide what to wear for the rest of the day, comfort is often what we crave. Women are focusing on wellness and self-care in all parts of their lives, including the way we think about the bras we wear. This has created greater demand for wireless bra styles.”

Wireless Bra Core Styles Explained

While there are many fashion bloggers writing about this new trend, few mention the three core wireless bra styles. Lau explains: Padded Wireless Bras are designed with a soft molded fabric over the pad that cradles and lifts in a comfortable way. Known for being lightweight, Unlined Wireless Bras do not have any padding in the cups and the fabric does all of the work. Seamless Wireless Bras are available in several ways: no pad, sewn on or inserted light contour pads that work with your natural shape. In general, this style does not have hook and eye to offer support, so it is most suitable for women who wear a C cup and smaller.

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